New book cover in today check it out. As you’ll see it is amazing! Been working with John Robin, author of Blood Dawn on a book cover. (link to his website below.) He’s been acting as a go between me and the cover artist Ave @ Dreamscape Cover Designs. I think it looks fantastic. Big shout out to Tabi Card, author of The Test, if you haven’t checked out her book do so. (link below.)

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"Good evening, campers" as General Jack O’neill would say. 

A brief explanation on time in the Silverlight universe. (Brace yourself. Maths incomeing.) 

So the world of rift operatates at about 1.7 times (1.707359358915391 to be exact) slower than that if our earth, according to the human calendar. That means their year is 516.102 days long (258.36725 days longer than earth because of the hours. That in a minute, haha.), split up into 14 months of 37, 39,40, or 41 days. With one leap year every ten years, making the one month with 37 days to 38 days (and a super leap year every 500 years) . These months, which I have named after the elder gods, have 10 weekdays. The work week is 6 days long (with a 4 day weekend. Much relax. Many days. Wow.). The days are 29 hours long and the work day 10 hours (giving the average person 60 hour work week). Taking the maths into account it is 14,966.958 hours, earth is 8,766.144 hours. 

Let’s take our protagonist age into account 16, their time. 1.707359358915391*16 = 27.31774974264626, so inactual fact she is 27 rounding down not 16. But to them shes 16, but thats all relative. (that my space-time humor.)

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You need a different cover. 

"Good morning, Neverland!" As Mister Smee would put it. 

Today we are going to visit a subject of grand importance. The History of the great and powerful Yara-Marn Silverlight. (Yar-a Mar-in) 

The orgins of Mr. Silverlight, the Great great grandfather of our protagonist are shrouded in secrecy. What isn’t a mystery is the wake he left in the world. Being an evil sociopath with nearly unlimited power will do that. 

For about two hundred years he rained down fear and dispair on the people of Rift. He became infamous for wandering into towns a laying waste to it because they didn’t happen to have his favorite danish in the local bakery.(kinda a dick move if you ask me.)

Drunk on power, Yara-Marn became a bedtime story to scare young children. But it was the parents who would have the nightmares. His all consuming goal was to rule over all without time, immortality was a must for him. Taking infants from their homes he would put a protective barrier around the newborn. Then over several weeks he would sew his soul onto the baby. Putting a mind-bent slave girl/wet-nurse in charge of the new vessel till maturity. When his old body died his soul would crush itself into the baby’s body. 

He toppled governments and kingdoms,(all to the highest bidder) killed men, raped women(he had about hundred or so illegitimate children), and put baby’s on spikes for fun.(not great at parties this one.) He created innovations of death and destruction that subsequently most people use in the world today. From magic caster guns to elemental bombs, inventing death is was what he did. 

It was because of his actions that the human-dwarf empire was born. After toppling kingdom after kingdom, the remaining humans and dwarves desided that working together rather than against each other was in the best interest of all. The Empire was born.  

Silverlight founded Rift City for miscreants mercenaries and pirates to have safe haven. He forced the negotiation with the empire and elvish kingdoms to except the grand rift as a sovereign pirate nation. And became the first pirate king. He amassed a fortune raiding the empire and elvish kingdoms. 

With near god like power it seemed like there would be no end to the horror of Yara-Marn Silverlight till on night it all ended in a flash. By his own hands Yara-Marn Silverlight was no more.

After his death the empire and elvish kingdoms waged a campaign against the warlock villages. Hoping to avoid a new Yara-Marn from rising. It was mass genocide of the warlocks culture, after wiping out all but a few small bands of warlocks a new war started between the elves and empire. Which gave the warlock culture time to stablise itself in this new world of empires. 

Yara-Marn Silverlight will return in the prologue of Book Two: Prince of Darkness. 

"Are you watching closely?" 

All, thank you for the support. We got our first couple of pre-orders in, please tell everyone you can about my book. Also I created some Cover Art for the book, please let me know what you think.

A brief explanation on the races of the Silverlight universe.

Humans: Humans have a reputation for being innovative and invasive. They stand generally at between 4’ 10" and 6’ 5" tall and can very widely on weight and musculature. They come with variety of both skin hair and eye colors, with a predominance of whiter beings in colder regions and darker beings in hotter regions. They dot the entire world in small bands or large cities they have built with the dwarves. They can live from 50 to 100 years old.

Elves: They are a long lived race but not immortal, they generally live to be about 300 to 400 Human years old. They all have slender but muscular builds, as well as blueish-black hair. They’re generally of human hight or slightly shorter and have no body hair apart from that of their eye brows. They are all mostly of darker complexion and come from a generally hot and dry climate. They live on their own continent apart from the human-dwarf empire and are currently in a cold war with the empire.

Dwarves: Short, stout and honest; these words could sum up most of the dwarven race. Deeply religious and hard-nosed, if a problem can’t be fixed hit it with a hammer, it will fix itself. Standing from 3’ 11" to 5’ 3" and living from 150 to 200 human years. Males have prominent facial hair and short blonde hair or are bald from birth, and Women grow long course brown or blonde hair usually worn a braid. They live alongside humans in the empire built on their shared continent.

Demons: Commonly called the Yararka, they are the twisted amalgamation of evil souls sent to the firey plain of the demon king. They have imposing figures muscular and tall with long curved horns, on a battlefield they’re a force to be reckoned with. When summoned to the physical plain they must inhabit a body, a vessel. Their physical characteristics are then forced upon the body and the soul that inhabited the body is destroyed. When a Demon is killed on the physical plain it simply goes back to the demon plain.

Tarks: Tarks for the most part are looked down upon as a sort of vermin or pest. Though killing them is mostly outlawed baring them from entering a city or town is generally accepted. While their outward appearance would speak of perhaps rodent origins, with furry faces and long ears, they are actually the product of magic. Long ago a wizard was experimenting with a tree trying to bring it to life, what he didn’t know was that a rabbit had recently died inside the tree. In bringing life to the tree, he brought life back to the rabbit and a whole new lifeform was created. Standing at only a foot tall these very short lived rodent-like-plants are very single minded. They take on the name of whatever they specialize in, and have a hive mind, meaning while they retain their identity they benefit from the experiences of the whole.

Half-elves: Usually looked down upon with contempt and disgust, because of the Cold War between the two countries. They are seen as an affront to the natural world, or even an abomination. Half-elves can pass for human if the elvish traits are weaker than the human traits. Most Half-elves choose self imposed exile with their own kind, over inclusion with the normal world. They live very long hard lives of about 200 to 250 years, if they aren’t kill by racist hate crimes first.

Half-dwarfs: There looked upon more as a merging of to cultures. It was actually a half-dwarf that designed the first airship, and as such many half-dwarves take up engineering. They stand at about human hight if a little stocky, and many live to be about 100 years old. 
So a brief explanation on magic in the Silverlight universe.

Magic and science have grown up together to form some interesting things in this world. Titles in this world are not highly gender specific 

For instance Airship Engineers use elementally charged coils to power the ships. Magicians are the ones who charge them, for they draw their powers from the elemental energy of the world. Sorcerers can craft illusions useing dark energies. Wizards draw their power from the energy of the cosmos. Paladins and priests are blessed with devine energy.

Warlocks are the fifth race of magic users and they use the most powerful energy around. They use the power of their own souls to weave magic, this allows them the unique ability to draw from other four forms of energy that permeates the universe. Dark and light, elemental and cosmic nothing is beyond them. 

Because of this affinity for welding all sorts of magic, as well as some dark history in the misuse of said power, they are feared the world over. That’s where our main character comes in for amongst the warlocks she is but one of the few that can access all of the power she has at her disposal. 

With a few allies and seemingly endless power can this young warlock really bridge the gap between her culture and the rest of the world, and perhaps save the world in the process.