Stephen Carignan
This is an interesting introduction to the world and magic contained therein. Silverlight Saga: Daughter of Two Worlds has both action and intrigue set in a world with interesting characters. The author demonstrates the rules and physical laws through actions and interactions rather than straight description, which is good for both the pacing and the tension. I look forward to reading more.
Kendra Namednil
This is a fun read and the challenges set before the protagonist really feel like a worthwhile coming of age story!
Y. E. Katerina
A wonderful concept grounded in creative fantasy and magic with an interesting female protagonist!!
Kendra Namednil
This is a fantastic read!  It's full of wisdom and wits and heart and the need to triumph!  If you're looking for a satisfying, well-paced book of magic and intellect, this is certainly worth a read!
I really interesting premise and the action captures the reader from the start, good job! We get to see the power of what a Soul Stone can do, but given the coming-of-age element I would seem that we also get to see it develop from the start. Really nice, polished writing. A few tweaks needed here and there in wording to help the flow, but they'll come out nicely when revising :)You've definitely set the stage for an interesting world. It's quite a comfortable one that most fantasy readers will be familiar with, but I'm sure you'll have some twists along the way!Good job, keep it up :D