The Strength of the Mountain, the Soul of the Blaze, the Howl of the Tempest, and the Eye of the Mist. The four Pillars are supposed to keep the world safe and protect the flow of magic...

So why is Whymer having dreams of forgotten god-beasts and combating fiends made from empty shadow?

As he travels across the world chasing after a stolen treasure, Whymer will fight monsters, pursue dangerous bandits, and discover how far a "simple" stonemason’s apprentice can reach.

Inspired by modern fantasy and the vividity of roleplaying games, Signs in Steel is a colorful adventure in an imaginative world of magic and monsters. Chapter one, "The Call of Stone" takes place exclusively in The Earthreach Kingdoms, a land of hearty warrior clans, but the rest of the story ranges across all of the lands blessed by the elemental crystals--the mysterious Windvale Isles; the lawless Flamehaven Desert; and the Wavecrest Seas, a country made up of massive city-ships called "Matron Harbors".