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Congratulations on your degree! :D

Hey guys!  It’s been a fun couple of months for me.  Finished the work for my Master’s Degree and am looking into teaching English.  So it’s been a long journey and I even managed to lose an entire month’s worth of progress along the way, but I’m plodding ever onward.

The Season of Earth is drawing to a close, which means the Flamehaven’s Kafuen tree is budding beautifully.  The Petals of the Sun are due to flower in about a week, signaling the start of the Season of Fire, and the end of book one (or so I have planned).

As always, I’m thankful for all the support you give for my tale, for tales are meaningless if there’s no one to tell them to.  I may not be the quickest writer out there, electing the Rothfuss pace rather than the Sanderson, but one day it’ll be done, and I’d love for you all to see it happen.

Happy Ostara, guys! Today marks the official closing of the season of Water and the awakening of the season of Earth, and tomorrow’s the Seeking. Whymer and Fuo have one hell of a day in store for them, especially when a mysterious outlander comes ashore.

But that’s enough spoilers that haven’t been written yet. I’ll keep an eye out and let you guys know when the Kafuen begins to bud.

Have a great day!

Hey guys!

So, we’re just about a week into Disting (the closing of Winter) with Ostara falling two weeks from Monday (the 21st) and the proverbial Seeking on the 22nd.  I’m sending this out to let you all know that Signs in Steel did not meet its funding goal for publishing, but that’s okay.  I still plan to work semi-diligently to see that one day this can become a reality.

But, that does NOT diminish how much your support over the course of this campaign means to me. Signs has come so far since last September and it would not have been possible if not for you guys giving me the excitement and determination to keep on keeping on.

I just want to say again how deeply I appreciate you guys throwing in with Signs.  Every time I got an email saying that somebody is following it, it made my whole day.  You guys are the best and I won’t give up on this thing.

If anyone wants to correspond with me about anything (not exclusively Signs), you can email me at desertfox0613 "at" gmail "dot" com.

I also sometimes swear and play video games at twitch "dot" tv "slash" desertfox0613
It's been a little bit, and I've been plodding along with editing and revising the first couple chapters before I proceed (to be honest, the gross amounts of typos and poor wording almost killed me). I've made it through chapter four and will be adding up to that point ("The Turtle, the Fish, the Fox, and the Crow"; and "As Fog Rolls Through the Valley") for anybody who wants to check them out.

These ones are a bit longer than the first two, so...pack a sandwich or something

Without further ado - I UPDATE!

Oni Proverb: "All life is challenge.  The oni never break.  The oni rise."

Hey ladies and fellows,

As the season of Fire ends and Wind begins, I want to tell you all that I sincerely appreciate all of your support for Signs in Steel. I think that I'm out of the running for this race (never really made the running to begin with), but I want you all to know that Signs in Steel isn't over. I will continue plugging away at this thing and I hope you all will support me when the clarion call next sounds.

This is an incredibly important project for me and I won't be discouraged by this contest not panning out. I'd love to keep you guys updated on my progress and what have you, so if you want, send me an email at desertfox0613@gmail.com and I'll send you updates as they happen (and manuscripts if you're interested).

Once again, a heartfelt thank you to for all of your support for Signs in Steel.

"Though death may sever us, honor unites us." -Oni proverb

I uploaded Chapter II: The Weight of Names and Blood to commemorate getting a cover. It's a...bit longer than The Call of Stone, but I hope it's still a good read :)

As always, thanks for all the support and for spreading the word. We can do this, guys

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Hey! I pre-ordered, so when ever you want to pre-order mine, go for it!
To commemorate the covering of Signs in Steel, I will be submitting Chapter II soon. (p.s. thanks Katie, you're the best :D)