James Rasile
Definitely something worth checking out!
Stephen Carignan
Sidescroller is a wonderful addition to the sci-fi world, and while the characters are using giant anthropomorphic robots to simulate violence, they remain three dimensional and engaging. Fantasia has a great sense of humor and uses that to bring the reader into his tale. I look forward to reading more.
Sam Ganesh
Robots! Violence! Witty! Check this book out, do yourself the favor.
Amanda Orneck
A world built on video game logic! This sounds amazing!
This is amazing. Check it out, order it, help it win the Nerdist contest. You will not regret it!
Malcolm Sinclair
This has my vote!
Tabi Card
SideScroller can only be described as a completely visual book. From the opening with bantering sport commentators, to the high-octane fight sequences, it sucks you in. I'm definitely hooked! 
I need SideScroller in my life!
Peter Ryan
What a tremendously high-energy start to a rollicking story! Andrew Fantasia grabs you by the throat and drags you kicking and screaming into the ring. There’s no grandstand seats for the reader, only pure unadulterated action.  Great stuff! This is a must buy!
Chantelle Amsterdam
Do yourself a favor and order SideScroller like yesterday! This is seriously good and needs to find a place on your bookshelf!