Sick Inheritance is a guess at the evolution of health care. Without doctors and nurses, human are treated by machines and diagnosed by processors. Allerton G. Reiss was the last graduate to receive an MD. He’s spent decades in under-developed countries practicing medicine. Allerton finds out his last family member, his youngest brother, is dead. He has to return home to the house he grew up in, and the country that rejected him. He’s obsolete and living in the dark. But at least he’s not a machine.

I am inspired by the works of Asimov, Saramago, Bacigalupi and many other Sci-Fi authors, who tackle these kind of conceptual questions in the application of new sciences. I hope that my own work resonates with their influence and tries to explore their appreciation of humanity, even in the presence of the unknown.

I am a young comedy writer, who normally steers towards lighter subject matter. However, I am obsessed with the concept of this story and the possibilities of this imagined world.

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