The current hustle and bustle of life makes us feel depressed and tired all the time. People always want to achieve this, get to that position but they have bad habits such as sluggish, slow, late, working and playing, etc.make your path of success harder to get closer

But in fact, people forget that time does not wait for anyone. You may delay or deliberately stop time, but the cycle of nature is just like that.

And it is these things that make you more late than the world around you, and when will you be able to progress. "Short Life Don’t Sleep Long" as a wake-up call to startled readers to realize just how wasted their time.

With a simple style of writing, not too elegant words, the book of author Robin Sharma makes the reader more easily visualized and poignant. The book gives readers access to many different topics in life through 101 stories, but generally the stories will be summarized in three major topics: family, health and self-worth.

Firstly, about the family

Reading through the book, everyone will feel that the family is the most wonderful thing in every person’s heart. The family is the most sacred thing that God has given to each of us. But have you ever slowed down a bit and thought, you’ve been leaving close people nearby?

You often do not pay attention and care about those who are nearby perhaps because always think that is obvious. You know, your family will always open your arms to welcome you no matter what happens.

But forget that, everyone needs affection. The family does not need anything big, just you give them a little rare time, help with some small things in the house, that is enough for them to feel very happy already.

No one’s life predicted anything, today like this and no one knows what tomorrow will be like. Therefore, you do not "sleep long" on the fun, do not waste much time in vain. Spend more time with your family - a home where no one wants to leave, a place built and needs love to strengthen every day.

Second, about health

What would you do without health? Your health is one of the important prerequisites for you to go higher and further in life. Usually, people only care about their health when they start to realize they are disappearing every day. But by that time it would have been too late.

Be respectful and take care of your health every day, because anyway, it is a prerequisite. Gradually create your own daily exercise routine, eat a balanced diet and regularly care about your health. Just with health, you will do a lot of extraordinary things.

In the end, it is worth yourself

Self-worth is what the author refers to most in "Short Life Don’t Sleep Long". One of the most important things we learn is "be yourself." Before doing anything, you also need to know who you are and where you are in this society.

Every being is unique. Everyone has their own dreams and ambitions. And everyone can choose their own direction without having to copy anyone else, as long as it’s the right direction.

The second thing we learn is to be kind. A person’s self-worth is not just about how successful you are, it is about how you live and how to treat those around you.

Live well, live for yourself and live for others. Be kind to those around you, and will also receive kindness around you.

And one more thing that we learn from this book is to be disciplined, responsible and know how to hone your skills. Want to develop more, we must constantly learn.

So, setting your own discipline to work is one of the good and rewarding things to do. First, create a habit for yourself every day, and from that habit will become your own rule of life. And remember, some good habits will make a big difference in your life and career. Finally, must know how to create and maintain good relationships for yourself. Must know how to treat people like, how to behave cleverly to maintain the relationship. That relationship will probably be one of the things that lead you to success.

Experience and immerse yourself in the book "Short Life Don’t Sleep Long" will never let you down. Do not miss valuable time, do not be lazy before everything, do not sleep on the victory, ... Please manage your time effectively and vigorously continue on each step, try constantly, to fight. This life passes without wasting!