Shine and Shadow is the first book in a time travel series called The Scream of Years. It is a science-fiction/horror series about a young woman, April Tooms, who is one of a time travelling race called the Maegri. In all of human history, only about a thousand Maegri exist.

While the Maegri can travel to any point in human history, they can travel no further into the future than 2532 AD, because beyond that date there is no future. Not for humans anyway. The Earth has been overrun by time-travelling aliens called the Hardukai, who have wiped out all forms of animal life and set up a psychic barrier called the Shadow to prevent the Maegri from interfering or retaliating.

April finds herself drawn into the conflict, particularly when she discovers her own dead body in her apartment: herself from the future slaughtered by monsters from beyond the Shadow. Can she prevent her own death? It’s not just the monsters who want her dead: the Maegri do too. Why, she isn’t sure. But her only alternative is to disappear into other times and try to prevent both parties from killing her.

There is no past.

There is no future.

There is only the Now.