For Brae, being a thief is easy.

Living in a mountain range where everyone can shift into an animal unique to them, Brae has no problem navigating the harsh terrain and dodging the law to complete jobs. Her only struggles are dealing with the cold and cruel mother who raised her as a thief, and hiding from the guilt-ridden memory of her father’s death. But that all changes when she’s caught dead center in a surprise attack by a group of air shifters – those who can shift into birds – as they strike the very village she happens to be stealing from.

When she discovers another attack has occurred that killed people she knew, Brae becomes involved in the mission to learn why this is happening and how to stop it. Along the way she finds herself traveling with a young woman who is suspicious of everything she does, and a young man who sees good in her that Brae isn’t sure exists. As he pushes her to leave the shadow of her mother and create her own life, she feels caught between the rogue world she was born into and a new world she’s just starting to understand.

Their journey is complicated by Brae trying to keep her identity as a thief hidden, knowing it will lead to her arrest and possible execution; and by being wary of every air shifter they meet, not knowing which are friends and which are foes. But the most difficult obstacle comes when Brae learns that she has stolen an item very valuable from the leader of this group of air shifters. And he will stop at nothing to hunt her down and get it back.