Pat. Pat. Pat. Rain hits the cold steel roof, like a million children stomping. The only protection from what feels like acid on the skin. The flames from their ships as they leave made the water hot as lava. Just being in the area feels like you’re a lobster in pot. Kind of a perfect analogy, seeing how that’s all we are here on earth, just waiting to be butter down and devoured. Cant tell you last time I had a goodnights sleep from all the choices I’ve made. How many parentless children have I created? How many childless parents? Thou its for the entire planet, I still feel it every time I have to drag a living thing up here. Its kind of a dream of every human to get to the moon...but not like this. Here the earth is the most beautifully disgusting thing. Used to think being here made me special. Now I feel like im cursed. When you were a kid, life seemed easy. Simple. Humans are smarter then animals, therefore we are at the top of the food chain. We owned this planet. Earth was claimed by humans. Or so we thought, see when I was a kid. Life seemed hard. Complicated. Humans and others animals were food. I was food. Food for all the other planets in the galaxy. We were not the top of the food chain. Earth was not are home….it is a farm. The humans, animals, bugs, plants, and any other living thing on this rock was raised to be somethings snack, breakfast, lunch or dinner. At least most of them. My ancestors made a pact when they first came to collect centuries ago, they convinced the creatures to make demands or orders for us to complete so we can keep our home and way of life. Similar to the English and the Native Americans. Where do u think the idea came from, There are bigger things happening then the happenings of men. Silence. Pure utter silence. That’s all i have for myself. Your own voice, your breath, not even your own thoughts, not a single sound. Then you hear it…Ding. The names, Ding. the faces, Ding. the locations. The three ingredients to a choice that has no good end to it. Names, faces, and locations of living creatures, humans, animals that unknowingly live in a grocery store for the rest of the universe. The entire reason we all live and breath is to be hand chosen like we do cattle. That’s where my wonderful position becomes relevant, I am the Shepard. I gather the living, to bring them to those who order it, so the rest of us can keep blissfully thinking we are alone. It wasn’t always this cut and dry though. Originally earth was to be harvested and begin anew before the modern world was born, but seeing are true place in the universe my ancestors struck a treaty with the other species of the universe to have one of us as a Shepherd for there needs on the planet, so we could keep our lives and our planet, but not without sacrifice. As the first and only people to come in contact with the others, my family has kept this our sworn duty to keep earth from disappearing and the human race from extinction.  

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