Hello! My name is Liv and I have been writing small and big stories for as long as I can remember, a dream of mine being to some day see them in the hands of someone else who might enjoy my day dreams ans obsessions.

As for Shell Tesselation, it’s an idea I have worked on for some time and finally made into a scale and format I like. In this alternate universe, a woman wakes up to discover a number of things about herself - chief being that she is a cyborg of sorts and she has a ache, a drive to "find her". Beyond this she knows nothing and is cast into a world she help make into reality, where godlike beings - crossing the lines of distinction between organic and synthetic, hold dominion over humanity. Here, humans latent psionic ability is both a resource for travel between the stars, and a great risk for these gods. Short of genocide, they will us by the throat and drain us at all costs.

Her discovery, her search for identity and fight for survival is the setting of Shell Tesselation.

If you’d like to make comment, please do! Still, I’m looking for feedback mostly on consistency (character or otherwise).

Thank you for reading this and I hope you might enjoy reading Shell Tesselation as it develops!