"The Matter of Agency"

Hello!  A bit since the last update for which there is a good reason. I had punched out four new chapters only to find that didn't like any of it. The core reason for this was that our protagonist and mysterious dancing cyborg constantly was simply slipping into situations that denied her any choice in the matter. Never in the chapters I wrote did she make active choices about what course of action suited her.

This is a problem. A story that so essentially deals with choices, identity and what to make of the world ought to be able to make choices in that story that makes sense and reflect the charachters traits and agenda. Simply having her slip in on a banana skid makes for bad reading and worse: bad writing. I want make a compete story that I care about as good as I possibly can.

So I scrapped the chapters but kept a number of elements I liked, for example a new character that worked really well and for which I will post a brief profile on next week. I hope that this not only will give you all a taste of world I building, but what kind of people there are in it.

Until then, thank you so much for following me!



Since writing the first twenty words and opening this project page and even gaining a few followers, I have been working on revisions of the first chapter, draft of the second and layout for the next two. New characters, the evolution of our heroine and introduction of the greater setting. It will be very cool!

My process is something consisting mostly of laying puzzles of ideas while staring into a wall - working furiously to keep things consistent. Having written countless words over the years for my own amusement it's quite something else to make a setting and idea into a fully fledged project.

I sincerely hope to keep you entertained and wanting for more over the next few months!

Love, Liv.