Thomas J. Arnold
I still find myself marveling at the writing here.  The narrative is fast paced and effortlessly hooks me into both the plot and the characters.  While the action and pacing are what initially draw me in to these early chapters, what really makes me want to keep reading is the engaging quality of the characters I'm introduced to.  I just can't wait to finally have this book in my hands so that I can devour it.
John Robin
Quick, action-packed narrative that moved and pulls you in. A.C. Weston writes with immediacy that puts me right in the middle of the story, with no room to escape. I love it!
Alan Tucker
The queen of a world is in danger and her only saviors are a rag-tag group of soldiers and misfits who have no idea why their queen has been locked in stasis right under their noses. Unfortunately, someone else does know… This story jumps right in with a fast pace and a number of intriguing characters. Definitely on my must-read list!
S.T. Ranscht and Robert P. Beus
Action-packed, fast paced, She Is the End presents some stunning imagery that will grab you by the throat. Weston wields language like a paintbrush, coloring, texturizing, and shading your emotional connection to her characters. There wasn't a moment when I was tempted to stop reading, even considering the length of the excerpt. I only regret I couldn't read through to the end of the story today. 
Melissa Berg
The clear and beautiful imagery does not get lost amidst a fast paced style that draws you straight into the action. You get to know the personalities of the characters, the world they live in, and the rich universe that surrounds them all within the first few paragraphs into their points of view. It resonates the colorful palette and detail of Guardians of the Galaxy; the humor along with the sometimes sarcastic banter between the characters, even as they are struggling with a surprising and dangerous situation, keeps the momentum moving, while keeping the reader enthralled. She Is the End, Is highly recommended!
Adam Greven and Matt Deller
Well balanced and intriguing. A really enjoyable read that keeps the reader wanting to know what happens next as well as take in a whole new world with eager anticipation.
D.B. Zweier
Weston immediately engages the reader with well-defined characters in tense situations. It's an exciting world, and one that convinces you to keep reading. Excited to see this to publication!
Dave Barrett - Author of It's All Fun and Games
She is the End has a great mixture of humor, action, and intrigue.  Right from the get-go we meet a cast of characters who have been thrown into a situation far above their pay grade.  The story is well written, full of vibrant descriptions and with excellent flow.  I'm looking forward to getting my hands on the finished product!
Steve Soldwedel
Princess Relai is the heir-apparent to Ellen Ripley and the entire pantheon of strong female leads in Sci-Fi. The opening of She is the End evokes shades of Ripley's long stasis at the beginning of Aliens but with a first-person perspective that ratchets up the life-or-death tension of her need to escape the pod. That beautifully described scene sets the stage for a book replete with imagery and action that will spark your imagination.