Book Blurb:

As an ancient war threatens to destroy all of civilization, one scientist struggles to find a cure to a disease raging through the population. One that has struck home, afflicting his wife. Another man races to find a way to stop the war that stole his entire family from him, hatching a plan that could save humanity from the worst of its own faults. The two scientists, desperate to succeed, ally themselves and build a machine in secret capable of tearing apart and building anew a human body. Or an entire world.

About the Book:

Shatter is ¼ written and is book three of four in the Future Worlds series, a project in the works since the mid-90s. You can order a copy of Rise here or at retailers around the world. You can pre-order Fall, the sequel, on Inkshares. Originally intended as a trilogy, the characters demanded a fourth book be inserted, so the author obliged.

About the Author:

Based out of Germany, Brian Guthrie is a serial author of science fiction, fantasy, and more. His first novel, Rise (book one of a series of four releasing Sept 2016) won the Inkshares Nerdist Contest and his second novel, After Man (co-authored with Michelle Guthrie; book one of three slated for release early 2017) won the Inkshares Geek and Sundry contest, making him the first author on Inkshares to win two contests. He is currently writing Shatter and Unite to finish the Future Worlds series and has plans for some historical fiction, a blend of science fiction and historical fiction, and much more. He is married to Michelle Guthrie, a father of a rambunctious ten-year old girl, and has two cats and three rats.