Told from the perspective of Jim Phillips, a retired police detective from Philadelphia, Shady Place follows his antics and exploits as he tries desperately to avoid contact with the outside world, but quickly finds himself sucked into the goings on around him.

Shady Place is a fifty-five and up planned community in Florida. It’s full of vibrant seniors enjoying the the sunset years of their lives. Shady Place the novel is about those people.

Upon his arrival Jim is shocked to discover his new neighbor is his old nemesis, former mob boss Mike Johnson. Sensing a second chance to get his old enemy, Jim decides to concoct a way to finally finish what he started and put Mike behind bars. Jim’s actions set off a rivalry between the two that sees them competing at every turn, including for the affections of the beautiful widow Beverly Stanton.

The unlikely duo is forced to work together when it appears murder is afoot, but only they can see what is happening.

About the Author:

David Byrne is a writer/producer who has been writing short and feature length screenplays for over a decade. He has uncredited appearances in several television shows (Amazing Stories, Sex and the City) and films (Sydney White, Confessions of a Thug), but his true passion lies in writing and producing. In 2008, he wrote and produced The Samaritan and the Snake under his former film company DAB Films.

Over the last several years David has expanded his horizons to include writing comics and extended prose.

David has operated a successful real estate business in Daytona Beach, Florida for over a decade, where he and his partner have managed as many as 100 properties and closed over $100 million in sales. David grew up interested in graphic arts, film, and creative writing from an early age. He attended film school at Brooklyn College in New York and has a Bachelor of Science from Full Sail University in Entertainment Business where he graduated as valedictorian in 2012.

From the Author:

Shady Place has been germinating for over a decade from the seed of an idea about what would happen if a former cop thought he was retiring to a peaceful Floridian community only to find out the person he hated in the world more than anyone else was suddenly his neighbor.

I put it in the drawer (figuratively) until it wouldn’t stop pushing its way to the forefront of my mind. The story is fun, but has heart and focuses on what life becomes when we hit a certain age and might not know just who we are when those things we used to identify ourselves for so long are gone.

As my parents enter the age that our main character Jim embodies in Shady Place I wanted to write something that spoke to them, their friends, and people all over who may feel the same way, but at the same time make it accessible to readers of all ages with universal themes and humor.

The result is Shady Place.