Hello one and all!

Background: My name is Marshall and I’m basically just a walking fountain of idea, most of them are bad but I swear there’s a few good ones. I’ve loved writing since I was little and have continued it in some form throughout my life.

I wrote fan fiction in my early teens (I’ll admit that) about series I loved and that lead me to an interest in journalism/creative writing. Although I did not choose to major in journalism for college, I still took as many journalism classes I could. I also run a very small news outlet about video games and entertainment to this day.

About the Idea: Like I said, I have a very active mind so I always get a rush of ideas for different things. Up until my graduation from college, I lot of these ideas revolved around existing franchises and I found it hard to break my mind away from that routine. Recently it’s been a lot easier and when I heard about an Inkshare fantasy contest, this little diddy stuck in my brain and I’m not able to let it go.

To give a very brief synopsis, our tale takes place on the fine continent of Gloria. The land has a rich arcane history and thus magic practitioners are reveled as some of the greatest people the land has to offer. But what fun would it be if I told you that tale. Nope, we’re going off the beaten path with this one. Practitioners of unholy and dark magic are not taken very lightly in Gloria, as previous civil wars and attempted coups have all had a dark magic user at their forefront. These warlocks are few and far between but are the bane of Gloria’s existence. So imagine what happens when our main character, a young half-elf named Marko, doesn’t want to destroy worlds and level cities but just wants to fit in instead. Over the course of the book, Marko will learn about how the world really works when he’s thrown into a world that looks down on a half-elf, especially one with incredible dark power.

Feedback: Honestly, any and all feedback is welcome at this point as long as it is presented in an honest and respectful manner. If there’s something that doesn’t feel right or something you believe might negatively impact the story, please point out what it is and proceed from there.

Thank you for dropping and I hope I’ve piqued your interest about a young boy’s fine idea.