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"What can they do? They have no idea what’s coming. None of you do.”

Across the infinite realities of the multiverse, humanity survives in only two. Within those dimensions reside unique individuals present in both. Known as Shades, these rare duplicates glean myriad futures in the music of the Fates, slowly driven mad by the possibilities. But with this curse comes a gift, the ability to bend space and time to accomplish incredible feats. Duster Raines is one of these so-called Shades. He just doesn’t know it yet.

Under the thumb of two FBI agents, Duster Raines—a private investigator working the streets of Los Angeles—finds himself forced to locate a missing government scientist, Dr. Steven Andrews. Unfortunately for Raines, he passed up a paying job from the missing man’s wife to do just that. With no choice, Raines chases down his only lead to discover his would-be employer dead. On the lam and framed for Madison Andrews’s murder, Raines learns the exotic stone setting from her wedding ring may be the key to unlocking her husband’s theories and opening a portal to another reality: a universe where technology surpasses ours by centuries and Raines’s alternate reality double leads an army hellbent on conquering this Earth.

More successful and maniacal duplicates aside, Raines gets his ex-girlfriend kidnapped. And in his efforts to rescue her, he could inadvertently rekindle a war between humanity and the interdimensional beings who occupy the rest of the multiverse. A conflict that may lead to the extinction of the human race in every reality.