I am the author of the well received time-travel romance novel INDIGO, and this is my first foray into writing urban fantasy. While I’ve always been an avid reader of the genre, I wanted to put my own spin on modern-day mages.

The idea came from wanting to build my own magical world, with my own rules, that didn’t necessarily conform to the standard "magic is only this" trope that can be too rigid and restrictive.

Since this is my first magical world building, I would love input as to whether there is too much telling and not enough showing about that particular concept. Any constructive criticism is heartily welcomed!

Go ahead and pre-order a copy today! The more pre-orders I have, the higher my chances of winning the Nerdist Collection publishing contest!  Even if I have ALL of my Facebook and Twitter followers pre-order a copy, I’ll still be close to 780 short... But I’ll not be deterred!

I always root for the underdog!