Chapter 1 - heartbroken

He sat staring at the screen. It felt like it was a poisonous snake ready to strike. Her message blinked at him. "I am sorry Raj I am engaged to be married. I cannot accept you or marry you." He sat still he felt like he just could not breath. He just felt his brain stop functioning. The world seemed to have faded away.

He did not know how he completed his tasks. He did not eat much he was sure. He felt weak and empty by the end of the day. He was lucky that he had not driven to office. His new Maruti gypsy with the halogen and high power lights at front and top was his pride. But on days when he felt nervy he never drove but hitched a bike ride with one of his flat mates.

"Ready to fly, buddy?" his thoughts were interrupted. There stood Sandeep his flatmate and classmate. He nodded and recognized with surprise that he had already shut down his machine. He noticed Sandeep looking at him curiously. It was normal that Sandeep had to hang around 10 minutes at least till Raj shutdown his machine which he did after three reminders at least from Sandeep.

As usual they reached the flat in 15 minutes and Sandeep as usual had plans for the evening. Raj was alone, it was always the case. The 4 bed large flat had 6 of them. Only he and John had taken the smaller bed rooms. The big ones were shared by Punit, Mathew in one and Sandeep and Uday. Mathew and Vijay another senior colleague always visited a family friend and colleague Varun and Vimala. Had dinner and returned always around 11.

Punit always visited his newest girl friend and returned close to mid night. Uday was always at office or roaming around at his will if he could get a two wheeler from any friends. John had so many girl friends he hardly had time any day to reach before midnight.

Raj was the oddity he cooked, ate, called his family and read or played the guitar or some CD. He had a wide range and taste of music and books. He liked the silence and solitude normally. But today he felt lonely. He stood in front of his wardrobe mirror.

He asked loudly "What is wrong with me? Why did she not agree to marry me? What is my drawback? I am 6 feet tall, fair, I think I am good looking and in good shape. I play badminton and had been the finalist of corporate doubles and semi-finalist in singles. I am part of corporate cricket team. I am also the runner up in chess and carroms champion. I am also one of the top young leaders in the company. An MBA and considered sharp and marked as potential leader. Why did she reject me?"

He sat down put his head in his arms and wept quietly. He must have sat there for 10 minutes until he felt a hand on his shoulder. He lifted his head and saw Jyotsna, the mother of the 14 year old girl Sindhoora who used to come to him for help on her computer projects. He hastily wiped his tears and said "Hi Jyotsna, let me just freshen up something in my eyes." He quickly went to the bathroom and washed his face. His eyes looked red still.

He walked out and Jyotsna was sitting on his bed and she beckoned him. He went and sat beside her, she took his hand and asked "What happened Raj? You look really heart broken." She drew him close one arm over his shoulder. She was wearing a saree and blouse and as usual she was wearing no bra. He could feel her nipple poke his shoulder.

He could smell her alluring soft perfume. Jyotsna age 33 who had told him about her early marriage as she failed her 12th. Only child within one year of marriage. Her husband Jayanth was rich a chemical factory and financier they had the biggest flat on the pent house floor. Jyotsna always wore costly silk sarees and the one thing that made her the secret desire for all was the fact that she wore in the flats semi transparent blouse with no bra.

He had discovered it when Jyotsna stopped him in the parking lot more than a year back when he was returning from a drive to his favorite book shop. He had 4-5 covers full of books and was trying to manipulate the lift door open when she came from behind and asked "Let me help you." He turned and saw this 5’ 6 lady a vision of bronze skin with such a figure that he took a second look. He thanked her and got into the lift.

The introductions done she asked a question "So you know about computers?" He was amused "Yes, I do a little. But if it is repairs I am not the person" he smiled at her. "No, no we have a company staff to do all that. It is my daughter. She has this project and can you help her please?" He was more than happy to get a chance to ogle her as she was real sexy and beautiful. And at close quarters he noticed the stunning fact that there was no bra strap behind or bra on side. She was wearing a blue silk saree with red design and her blouse was silk red and semi transparent.

That had started the friendship, her daughter was almost her height and was developing into a beautiful girl. Now over the last almost 2 years he had several dinners and lunch with Sindhu and Jyotsna and Jayanth together and sometimes just the ladies and even few times with Jyotsna. They were hugging at times and he even had been given cheek kisses by both the gals :)

"Tell me what happened, Raj" he was drawn back from his memories by Jyotsna’s words. He poured his heart out and he felt tears again. He felt her draw him to her bosom. he sobbed and after a few moments he calmed down. That is when his whole world started to change.

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