Thanks to everyone who supported Severing Link during the Inkshares contest. We had 64 readers with a total of 82 preorders. We didn’t win, but it was a fun and enlightening experience. The book with the most readers was Welcome to Deadland with a whopping 687. The top five books look really interesting, and I am excited that such talented writers are contributing to the sci-fi and fantasy genre. Anyone interested in the Nerdist picks should check out the following article: Nerdist Winners.

Inkshares has just extended visibility to the top 15 authors. I only need 33 more preorders to get the number 15 spot. Please preorder if you haven't already done so! Thanks!

Portrait 21 dave Dave Barrett · Author · added over 7 years ago
That was me a week ago, Austin.  I began the day on August 30 at 75.  I've added over a hundred since then.  Keep the faith Austin!

Contest Update: Number one has 309, Number five has 192, and Number ten has 111. We have 48. I'm still hoping we can get in the top ten to get exposure, but it's a bit of a long shot. Preorder at Inkshares if you get a chance.

Thanks to everyone who is helping out the Severing Link campaign! Just a reminder: a "follow" on Inkshares does not contribute to the numbers for the Nerdist contest. The contest only counts original preorders, so if you would like to help our chances to win, you must preorder a copy of the book. You'll be asked to include billing information, but you will not be charged the 9.99 unless we win, which will get you an official copy of the book. If we lose, no one pays a cent. Thanks again!

Dude Austin Kastl · Author · added over 7 years ago
We've reached the 50 preorder mark! Time for another addition: Chapter 3. Thanks to the nth degree!

All, thank you for the support. We passed the 25 preorder mark! As a result, I've added some story, so if you like, just scroll past what you've already read  in Chapter 1 and continue on to Chapter 2.