“We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it.”

-George Orwell, 1984

What if secret societies have long wielded magic for their own agenda, all while lurking in the shadows? The Illuminati used divine geometry to generate wealth and craft grand monuments. The Skull and Bones Society used necromancy to ensure their legacy of political power. And the Nazi’s Thule Society fueled their war machine with black sorcery. Those who guarded the secrets could transcend human limits, escaping from hell and cheating death itself.

One year ago, magic exploded back into the world - vampires, demons, ghosts, and creatures of legend crawled out of the shadow, finally escaping from their prisons. After the initial shock of disbelief wore off, companies do what they do best: Find a way to turn magic into profit.

Can you put a price on perfection?

Peter Culmen, CEO of Triumvirate Enterprises has the cure for your aging body. Come to the headquarters in Austin, Texas, for a relaxing get-away and revitalization of your body and soul.

Feel threatened by the growing populace of demon-kind?

Stop by Vitek Industries for the latest in bio-mechanical enhancements. Sure to give you peace of mind in these troubling times. Low interest financing is available regardless of your credit score.

Ever wonder what heaven tastes like?

Enjoy a fine meal at the Gilded Unicorn, filled with the newest and rarest delicacies ranging from Pegasi to Faerie dust. Not responsible for any side effects related to the consumption of magical creatures.

* * *

Jane Auburn, AKA JK-47, is an early adopter of a new drug that allows her to move at the speed of vampires and match the strength of demons. Soon, she discovers the price for such powers may be more than she can pay: Her life. Thrust into the front lines of a war for the future of America, can she spark a revolution and uncover the secrets about the Triumvirate before she clocks out from an overdose? Or will she have to bite her tongue and finish her upcoming commercial about Electrolytes! It keeps you going even when you’re down!

About the Author:

I’m Rick Heinz, Author of Seventh Age: Dawn and Too Many Controllers: Pics Plox. Avid gamer, lover of Diablo, and slayer of burgers. Seventh Age: Dystopia is book placed in the my universe but stands alone as it’s own tale. This universe spawned from my own campaigns that I have been running for years, and I could not be more thrilled to bring you Seventh Age: Dystopia.

I’ve always wanted to write about applying the enterprise of business to magic and hyper-technology in a fun way. If you like the idea, please, pre-order today! Or send an email to me: CrankyBolt@gmail.com and reach out with questions.

For now, this is just a long running campaign page while I prep for the launch of Seventh Age: Dawn. I’ll be putting my chapters and draft notes as they are finished over the next few months. Then swing into full campaign mode when the manuscript is finished.

#Working on Finishing this before I campaign again!