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The time has come for a monthly information download about the future of mankind. First, a message from our sponsors:

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Now for some real talk.


This campaign page was meant for the G&S contest and since I’m not in that at the moment, I’m using this as a placeholder for book updates. My outline is done and I’m going through and creating a massive scene spreadsheet. 

But, I’m always writing! Currently, you can find my new articles that I’ve written for Geek & Sundry by clicking HERE

As for this campaign page itself, I may be letting the funding stage drop, and let everyone have their orders refunded. Or I may extend the campaign for a long time. That remains to be seen for now. 

Until next month. 


Salutations Loyal Customers!

As always, our valued mission statement, bringing you the finest in [redacted] media entertainment is our top priority. To further increase outreach we have secured physical space at Wizard World in Chicago this upcoming Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 

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.... and now a Quick Survey! Leave a comment on the Dystopia campaign page to the following question: 

If you could buy powers from any School of Magic (DnD, Harry Potter, Rifts, any fantasy) which would you buy?

Myself? I’ve always been partial to Necromancy. How about you?

13529132 1206084596082945 4450381729993170933 n Bryce Clemens · Author · added almost 4 years ago
This is for sure something I’d read! The basic idea the author presented us is really groundbreaking, I’d be interested in finding out the ending!

Why... hello... fellow HOOMANs...


I know you’re out there... and why don’t you stay a while and listen? Our nation is in chaos, the sun is dying, and the ghosts walk among the living. Why not escape and upgrade yourself? Ever dream of flight? Perhaps a telepathic connection with that special someone is what you desire? Pre-order your ticket to our headquarters today. 

-Taylor and Tyler -Prophets of the New Faith; lighting your way today, for the darkness of tomorrow. 

(Not liable for travel safety and avoidance of angels, hell-hounds, spirits, and bandit witches)