Rick Heinz's latest update for The Seventh Age: Dystopia

Aug 14, 2016

Salutations Loyal Customers!

As always, our valued mission statement, bringing you the finest in [redacted] media entertainment is our top priority. To further increase outreach we have secured physical space at Wizard World in Chicago this upcoming Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 

Feel free to stop by and engage with our customer service team, get your hands on free swag, and sign up for our recruitment program. 

Thank you, 

Arrcado Media. Bring you the news of tomorrow... yesterday. (literally... we have fortune tellers.)

.... and now a Quick Survey! Leave a comment on the Dystopia campaign page to the following question: 

If you could buy powers from any School of Magic (DnD, Harry Potter, Rifts, any fantasy) which would you buy?

Myself? I’ve always been partial to Necromancy. How about you?