J.M. VerHelst
If you love fantasy, sci-fi, & adventure, and you aren't excited about The Seventh Age series, check your pulse! If its still there, follow and back this book ASAP.
Michelle Heinz
So excited for the next book in the Seventh Age series!!!!
Rick Heinz
It's official! I'm off to the races with the next 7th Age! Step right up, get your magic, your guns, and your low interest monthly payment with Seventh Age Dystopia!
Brien Shores
The much anticipated follow up to the upcoming release. Help make this a reality pre-order and pass the word along
Amber Marie Wells
I can't wait to read the rest!
Seth Swanson
Ok, I know we're competing but this book sounds awesome. Puts the fantasy-chocolate with the sci-fi-dystopia peanut butter.
James Rasile
Cannot wait for this! Everything I have read from Rick Heinz I have loved, and this looks to continue that trend!
Theron Couture
Can't wait to see where Rick Heinz takes this sequel.
Christopher Lee
I'm sold, I've signed the dotted line! Now give me my magic!
Prescott Harvey
Combining magic and corporate sponsorship: Rick Heinz does it again with another fantastic premise. I can't wait to see where this goes.