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About the Book:
Seven Shards: The Colors of Wine is an epic fantasy novel that explores large scale conflicts alongside the coming of age journeys of its ensemble cast. Think of it as The Mists of Avalon meets A Game of Thrones, with a sprinkle of Children of Earth and Sky.

DEATH, LOVE, AND REVOLUTION. Enter the kingdom of Rhydia as heroes are born and fools die out.

When the king brings slavery back to the Empire of Rhydia, the people of the free countries must band together to overthrow his rule. But without a strong centralized military force, chaos breaks out across the land, forcing every last citizen to choose between hiding in fear and joining the fight.

The fate of the empire revolves around three reluctant heroes as they each come into their own. Odessa’s vice-filled adventure finds her thrust into the war, where she comes to the aid of the cowardly Lygar leader, Alphonse, just as he’s learning how to fight. Together they help turn the tides at the heart of the revolution. Meanwhile, the once-carefree Wyck finds himself choosing between love and peace – between his own selfish desires and the safety of those that he loves.

About the Author:
C. Brennecke is a fantasy writer, artist, and lifelong daydreamer. She works as a publications editor and organizes chaos for fun. Her first taste of world-building came when she discovered tabletop roleplaying while studying art at Temple University, and she’s been creating worlds ever since. She spends many late nights on the computer in her suburban Philadelphia home, which she shares with her husband and a sheltie that thinks he’s a cat.
Check out her website: http://www.mythsmistsmusings.com or follow her on twitter: @bonebonetweets