Thomas J. Arnold
I can't help but be fascinated by the world presented here.  The societal structure and seven cultures seem to have a depth that is only just scratched in the excerpts, a fact which makes me hungry for more.  Add that to this book's diverse cast of well developed characters and some excellent narration, and this becomes a must read for me.
S.T. Ranscht and Robert P. Beus
With an easy flow of dialog colored in shades of Now streaming through a setting tinged with Sometime Long Ago, Seven Shards lures you into its exotic world and promises a smart, quick-paced adventure.
S.m. Hillman
One of the most important things a reader that I look for is to be engaged immediately upon opening the story. The author does this wonderfully, creating a world that feels lived in and characters who come with a history and weight of personality. I am eager to see the story unfold and the relationships between characters develop. Even with the complexities of character and plot, the writing never feels bogged down or takes itself too seriously. Seven Shards: The Colors of Wine is an easy read, but that not should be mistaken for light reading a lack of sophistication. This novel should be on the reading list of fantasy fans.
Peter Birdsall
A non-negotiable prerequisite for me when it comes to enjoying literary fantasy is a sense of thorough worldbuilding. A well-crafted otherland is more than a proscenium - it's a sandbox to which the author extends an invitation, allowing the reader to become complicit in its construction (even if only in our own imaginations.)

With SEVEN SHARDS: THE COLORS OF WINE, C. Brennecke has delivered a setting that transcends mere backstory: her seven warring cultures (the colors of the title) are a vital driver of the plot, informing the motivations, behaviors and even nuances of her characters. Lush descriptions incorporating scents, tastes, and odd details (poetry bars) breathe life into the setting, giving evidence that Brennecke has developed the setting well beyond what is evident in her excerpts (credit perhaps her background in tabletop gaming?) The effort pays big dividends in terms of the immersiveness of the locales, the believability of the characters, and indeed in the confident assurance of this impressive new writer.  I for one have already voiced my approval via my preorder and will be waiting with bated breath for the opportunity to delve more fully into Rhydia's mysteries.
Andrew Wood
With an intriguing premise, an exciting introduction and riveting characters, Seven Shards is a well-written work that effortlessly hooks readers and brings them into a richly developed world. It is with great excitement that I look forward to reading the rest of Seven Shards.
Jamison Stone, Author of Rune of the Apprentice
Seven Shards is both captivating and enchanting! Brennecke writes with flowing prose with mythic proportions. I am very excited to read the full book and encourage all to watch the video! You will not be disappointed! Very well done and worth a pre-order!
Rodney V. Smith
Such a lovely voice, draws you in with just the right words. I enjoyed the first chapter mainly for the storytelling aspect of it and immediately clicked to the second chapter, so I', definitely looking forward to seeing more of this novel. Great read.
John Robin, author of Blood Dawn
High fantasy with a mixture of the grand and the quaint. I love Odessa's opening and the call of adventure, and I love the shift to a more omniscient narration about the kingdom. This brings to mind Tailchaser's Song and the high fantasy works of Tad Williams. I'd love to see this book in its entirety, to hold it in my hands, complete with a map, and enter the world C. Brenneke introduces us to here -- morning coffee at my side.
Stephen Carignan
There is a rich world within the pages of Seven Shards, the detailed descriptions draw the reader in and make us want to know more about the characters within it.