Seven Days, Seven Years is a an epic sci fi adventure which crosses thousands of years. It’s also a personal story. 

It is the story of two men separated by time. Warren Myhr, a young man living in Southern California, dealing with bullies, his distressed single mother, the girl of his dreams, and a series of strange dreams that haunt his nights. These dreams are of an ex-soldier in the distant future, also named Warren Myhr. A man calling himself The Deliverer has returned to earth after having been gone 600 years and speaks about the coming Ascension. Most everyone thinks The Deliverer is a savior and that the Ascension is a good thing. However Myhr knows there is a dark truth hidden behind The Deliverer and he also knows that the answers lie far away where a strange beam of light extends into the heavens. If he can find where that beam of light touches the ground (he might as well be searching for the end of a rainbow), then he know he can save all of humanity.

What is the connection between these two men with the same name? Who is The Deliverer really, and what is his evil plan? If you want to find out pre-order Seven Days, Seven Years today!