In the palaces of Brilliance, the fear of death is a distant memory. For the Dynasties of The Enlightened, the flow of Nectar assures youth and health for all eternity. When a young heir discovers the rotten truths behind her ideal nation, she must choose between justice and order.

When life is everything, what is worth dying for?

The origins of Seven Days a Servant

Seven Days a Servant is in a universe called "Iron Immortals". This setting is shared across three projects right now: this novel, a video game in development at The Crooked Thimble, and the Iron Immortals podcast.

Iron Immortals is the result of a six-year collaboration with my wife, Briana Dempsey, which began by asking simple, foundational questions about a fantasy world that we would soon call "Promise." The first question revolved around the role of death in this magical universe, and soon spun into huge revelations about the cultures and economies that could be defined by their relationship with this foundational question.

"What is death?"

The Iron Immortals Podcast

For the next several months, we’re running an "Actual Play" podcast in the Iron Immortals setting. Joined by our friends Bob Poteete and Hannah Garbacz, Briana and I are broadcasting the trials of three adventurers as they delve into the largest walkwood on the continent of Promise: The Verdwood.

If you’ve ever wanted to hear how a collaborative work is created in a unique world, it’s a great place to start.

Episode 001: Sudden Gendering
In this session, we create characters and establish the world of Promise. Conversations about gender and the history of of names. Various nouns are thrown around. We establish that Texas is not Missouri.

Episode 002: The Fallfallow Job
When our heroes are double-booked for a job, they find themselves in a race against not only a rival band of adventurers but also the forces of the Verdwood itself.

Isolde consults some books. Kaija calls some shots. Impediment does some parkour bullshit.

Episode 003: A Chemical Trick
Face to face with their rivals, our heroes delve deeper into the temple at Fallfallow Glade. Some challenges do not test the body, they strangle the mind and break belief. Isolde discovers friendly fire. Kaija hears unfamiliar voices. Impediment is overconfident.

Episode 004: The Shattering at Harrasreika, Pt. 1
Having overcome the dangers of Fallfallow Glade, our heroes return to civilization with the artifact and new allies in tow. What will the find in Harrasreika? Warm friends and kind words, or will they find daggers in the dark? Reed contains her anger, Isolde discovers new uses for prestidigitation, and Kaija can see when she’s snubbed.

Episode 005: The Shattering at Harrasreika, Pt. 2
Menace lurks in Harrasreika. The Baron Nylund seems to be a kind host, but danger hides in every shadow. Messengers bring unexpected news, and the all-night party conceals enemies and allies alike. Faced with an unexpected reunion, our heroes must choose where their priorities lie.

Kaija meets an old flame. Isolde discovers drink. Reed has regrets.

Episode 006: The Shattering at Harrasreika, Pt. 3
Our heroes have an objective – the rescue of the Greenbark Gang – but they lack a plan. And allies. And supplies. If the Greenbark Gang is to come out alive, our heroes will need help. But help does not come cheap in Harrasreika, and someone is always listening.

Kaija keeps watch. Isolde takes a risk. Reed gets laid.

Episode 007: The Shattering at Harrasreika, Pt. 4
Our heroes grow ever closer to springing the members of the Greenbark Gang, but the secrets of Harrasreika grow deeper by the second. Blood. It all comes down to blood. Unless our heroes learn more, they will pay failures price in the only currency the not too distant forest accepts.

Isolde uses brute force. Reed is ice cold. Kaija makes a difficult promise.

The World of Promise

The world of Seven Days a Servant is complex and full of influences both obvious and obscure.

Where Did You Find your Hero?
An article on gender, race, and fantasy influences.

The Masks of Brilliance
An in-depth look at the signature regalia of the people of Brilliance: The Servant Mask.

There Is No Magic Bullet
On real-world solutions to fantasy-world problems.

"Why is everyone so fuckable?"
Love your characters as a fan loves them.

About the Author

Seven Days a Servant is the first novel set in the world of Iron Immortals from renowned world builder Trick Dempsey.

Trick Dempsey was born and raised in Texas. However, the siren call of video game development tempted him away from his home shortly after graduating college. He’s currently one of two developers at his independent game studio: The Crooked Thimble.

A veteran of many video game franchises, Trick has credits on Red Dead Redemption, Brothers in Arms, and Defiance. As the Creative Lead on Defiance, he collaborated with the team at Syfy to create a vibrant world seen through two distinct mediums: television and video games.

Before going into game development, Trick was an actor, director, and a stuntman. He’s in love with the spoken word and doesn’t trust writing that has never been given voice.