I am a 2004 graduate of the University of Oklahoma’s Professional Writing program. I have previously written and published The Flute Keeper Saga, a five-book YA Fantasy series.

The idea for Seismic Girls came to me after one of the many small quakes we experience these days in central Oklahoma. While the actual cause is likely industrial, I couldn’t help but concoct wilder culprits for the shaking. As for the characters, I’ve always wanted to write action-heavy fantasy with a strong female lead. In the course of drafting Seismic Girls, I came up with not one, but two dynamic young women to drive the plot:

As the daughter of a pastor, Esther Rainey struggles to define herself outside of her conservative upbringing. Her first semester of college is shaky enough without the small earthquakes that constantly rattle the campus, but she doesn’t think twice about the tremors until a mysterious young woman named Lydia Crow saves her life one night.

Lydia Crow is a quiet warrior harboring scars from a past much darker than anything Esther can imagine. A self-proclaimed monster-hunter (and possibly part monster herself), Lydia is convinced the quakes are caused by something more sinister than shifting tectonic plates. The search for the real cause draws Lydia and Esther into a friendship that might prove to be more volatile than the ground beneath their feet.

Seismic Girls is a complete draft at 86,200-words. It is the first entry in a planned 4-novel series.