Secret Shopper Files is a collection of stories written from the perspective of a former S.S.N. (Secret Shoppers Network) agent, who joined the force mistakenly thinking it was an actual branch of federal law enforcement. Acting accordingly during his time doing field work, he gets himself into some pretty sticky situations, going head to head against some of the newfound enemies guaranteed to come with the job, cheating death on multiple occasions and acquiring some fashionable spying attire along the way.

It’s family friendly fun, suitable for children and immature adults alike. So if you fit in to either one of those categories make like a butter-nut squash and buckle-up, for an unforgettable ride full of chasing, running, uncovered conspiracy and lots of stick-on mustaches.

Though the stories entailed in ‘Secret Shopper Files’ are purely works of fiction, I would like to take a moment to dedicate this book to the real men and women of the secret shopper world. At this very moment, they are busy working undercover to improve the common retail experience for average citizens like you and me. Right this second, spending the precious hours they could be spending with their loved ones, making the world a safer place, one storefront at a time. No seriously, Google it.

It is a manuscript (19 chapters in total) that just needs edited and published. The first five chapters are now available to read for free!

Cover photo credit: Andrew Stevens

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