I’m writing an epic collection of poetry

I’m not entirely sure why except that I got the idea for this project and I cannot for the life of me let it go ... ever.

There will be one line of verse for every second in a twelve-hour period. Why? That’s a long old story that started with a movie, got warped by a job hunt, and then cut in half by the grace of God.

Every poem will be based on a fairy tale (starting with the Brothers Grimm as translated by Ralph Mannheim), and every line will be five syllables long (to match the phrase "once upon a time").

Let’s talk a little about numbers

Did you know that the second-hand and the minute-hand meet 59 times every hour? The equation to find the meetings is:

Or that the minute-hand and the hour-hand meet 11 times in a twelve-hour trip around the ol’clock’s face? The equation for that is:

I know these things because the information is available all over the place online. Know what isn’t available? The number of times the second-hand meets the hour-hand every twelve hours.

The equation for that isn’t available either. Not unless you go to an old blog of mine to which I have not intention of linking so I’ll just tell you the hard-won answers I figured out back on a day I spent in bed and in my jim-jams even though it was way too warm for jim-jams and I needed a shower and the too-warm jim-jams were not helping.

The second-hand and the hour-hand meet 719 unique times every twelve hours and the equation for that is:

Why these numbers matter

At 46,800 lines of verse that’s at least 2,128 pages measuring 4x6 inches with one-inch margins. That’s a bit much for a single volume.

So, the eleven meetings of the minute-hand and hour-hand will be the final line of the final poem in each of the resulting eleven volumes of poetry, while all the other meetings (second-hand and minute-hand, second-hand and hour-hand) will mark the ends of every other poem in the collection.

This should break up the collection into eleven 200-ish-page volumes of about 130 poems each (with line counts ranging from 1 to 60).

But, why? Because I’d love to.