"God can’t help us anymore...it’s up to us to survive now."

What is the book about?

Scarlet is a story about a society that has been abandoned by God and compelled to guide themselves through life. When humanity’s greed filled in the "Holy Grail", the world was stripped of life by the Well of Souls sent down from the heavens. Nothing ever grew from the Earth, sickness took hold of 60% of the population, and some continents were completely destroyed while others drifted away from one another. The main character, Scarlet, is one of survivors of the unexpected apocalypse, and grew up in this dead world in her teenage years. She never knew of the world before, for she was too young to learn enough, and she had no family to teach her the ways of life. Although, life taught its lessons to her posthaste as she lived in Grimwald--one of the remaining defenses left to mankind.

Years past and she entered adulthood, but nothing significant changed around her. People perished and the land continued to break away, but within the walls of Grimwald she felt safe. However, that thought changed when a new government body called NOVA was born from the hearts of all the remaining cities. NOVA sought to use technology as a way to survive. Ever since the fall of mankind, NOVA had been finding ways of advancing technology. With their technology they are able to cure ailments, fix fatal wounds, replicate food, and much more, but with their service comes "stability" and "order". They are meant to be monitored by Truth Bracers that categorizes citizens from Lawful to Delinquents depending on their thoughts and actions, and such titles brings about discrimination and promotes violence. The Lawful are praised and able to gain unlimited support from NOVA, but Delinquents are treated as outcasts and aren’t even given job opportunities. NOVA’s image became that of a tyrant, and when Scarlet learned of the truth of NOVA’s purpose, she spoke out and started a revolution that swept over the cities like wildfire--bringing together citizens and starting a civil war.

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