I’m a veteran of both the US Navy and the US Army. I was a Journalist for some of my time in the Navy, which allowed me to use my one super-power: crafting an awesome narative.

I suffered a head injury in the Army, and this is my triumphant return to my passion after 5 years of pain and longing. I am committed to making Savage Zone amazing in a way few will understand.

My love of sci-fi, namely Star Trek, contributed to my choice to join the Navy. I actually served on the USS Enterprise (CVN 65), so my geek credentials are beyond reproach.

Savage Zone is a merging of many concepts I’ve been kicking around lately. The Anima tech that reads your every action, word, purchase and contact, and translates that into the holographic features of the animal it most closely matches your data with, was part of a different story. The crashed ship, with a handful of convicts and guards forced to work together, was inspired by Alien 3 (which deserves a chance to be done well) and Pitch Black.

I have plenty of twists and turns in store, and since I have not completed my draft, I am totally open to suggestions.

I am a nutcase when it comes to being my own worst critic, so I won’t post a chapter until its done cooking.

Thank you all for the looks and support. Comments are absolutely welcome, criticism too. I want to hear your ideas.