A pulp adventure in a dieselpunk alternate Earth. A story spanning continents and even time itself. Join airship captain Sandra Lockhart and crew as they battle giant robots and flying saucers, elude a power-hungry dictator, and uncover the truth behind a mysterious lost city of legend that challenges the entire existence of their world

This story arose from several separate story concepts I’d been kicking around over the years, and also from a nice hot shower. Showers are great for ideas. In a flash of clarity, I realized a greater story could be told by linking these ideas together, and so Sandra Lockhart was born. As one connection was made, more connections presented themselves, until I realized I had to make this story a reality. The result was a pulp adventure novel, with a feisty female protagonist, a fun and diverse cast of supporting characters, an alternative Earth with some very distinct differences, and an antagonist with a reality-changing secret.