Welcome to the Sally Forth Institute, at the forefront of Revenant Research & Containment. If anyone’s going to find the cure that will once again make death permanent, it’s going to be us!

Janie isn’t supposed to be dead. She’s supposed to be celebrating her 16th birthday, going on her first date with her best friend, and moving out of the containment sector into research with the other witches. She sure as hell isn’t supposed to be barely able to make a couple of lights flicker, wandering around invisible to anyone who isn’t a Sucker, and stuck communicating to said Suckers by way of — brace yourself — GHOSTBUSTERS quotes.

Taylor isn’t the kind who rolls over and gives up. She isn’t going to mourn her best friend if that best friend is still technically around, she isn’t going to forego the sweet taste of first love because her crush just died, and she isn’t going to be intimidated by any kind of final exam — not even the Sallies — what with the Ruthless Reaper as her mentor. Oh, no, this wolf will turn any silver bullet you shoot at her into a silver lining, find a way to celebrate her deceased almost-girlfriend’s birthday, and go all student-teaching-the-master if that’s what it takes to get what she wants.

Ruth had one job: keep her sister alive. She was so close, so close to getting Janie out of the field and into the lab, and there on the threshold her hand had been forced to play the role of executioner. Now she’s having to listen to a Sucker spout hand-me-down GHOSTBUSTERS quotes, help a Wolf plan a birthday party for the dead, and decide what it means for her to reap what she has sown.

Can these three sisters-in-arms each learn to move on?

[Note: the three chapters currently up won’t be up for much longer.]