Full Manuscript

Sadie McGrady had great spunk and drive.

She made up her mind at the ripe age of five.

To help make the world a much better place,

She wanted to throw her hat in the race.

Running for president was Sadie’s big quest.

But it wouldn’t be easy - was she up for this test?

Flat-out excited, but quite nervous too,

Sadie McGrady wasn’t sure what to do.

She asked friends to help her.

They made buttons and signs.

She marched in parades

And shook hands in long lines.

And when it came time

To debate her opponent...

Sadie stood tall -

She sure seized the moment!

Her campaign was surging, as all could agree.

She was featured in magazines, on the web and TV.

Her election results were not guaranteed.

But, she’d mustered the courage to stand up and lead.

When the calendar turned to Sadie’s big day,

She cast her own ballot and shouted, "Hooray!"

Waiting and waiting for results to come in,

Sadie’s heart filled with pride -

How she hoped she would win!

When the last vote was cast and balloons started falling,

Her friends cheered, "Hey Sadie, that’s your name they’re calling!"

President Sadie McGrady was ready to lead.

She signed bills into law and got schools what they need.

She had calls with top leaders, sent texts to her staff,

And traveled the world on the country’s behalf.

Sadie used charm and her talent and skill,

To make an impact on Capitol Hill.

When her term as the president was over and done,

She was proud she had made the decision to run.

Sadie knows it was courage that helped her succeed,

And hopes more young girls will follow her lead.

If leading is something that you’d like to do,

Our next U.S. President just might be you!

- The End -