Dahlia Lithwick, Chief Legal Correspondent, Slate
What is Sadie McGrady made of? Sugar and spice and everything nice. But also … courage and power and everything awesome. Buy it for a little girl you love, and watch her grow up to be President, or something equally tremendous.”
Catherine Stier, Author of If I Ran for President
“Young readers will be charmed by Sadie’s determination and her exuberant approach to running for President.”
Kristin Clark
This is the most fun and adorable take on politics I've ever seen! Cannot wait to share this with friends with daughters! LOVE IT!
Byron Gillan
This is a really wonderful premise, and a great message for kids. We need more stories like this in today's market!
Kristin Clark
This is the most creative, entertaining and adorable take on politics I've ever seen!  It's a wonderful way to teach young people about what can be a confusing concept, and it will surely inspire many to consider leadership!  Cannot wait to share it with friends who are parents (and perhaps even some adults who could use a fun lesson on leadership!).  Two thumbs up for Sadie!!
Carol D Marsh
With its engaging poetry and fun photographs, this books puts across an important and often un-heard message to young girls. And it's not only you can do it, it's also here's how. I have been recommending this book to all my friends with young girls and have ordered my own, though I am many long years from being a young girl. It's too wonderful a book to pass on. 
Leanne Phillips
When my daughter Melissa was born in 1984, I thought the USA was on the brink of having a female leader. 32 years later & it hasn't happened. My 6-year old granddaughter Abigail & girls everywhere need this book to exist. Love the concept!
Austin Lugo
Inspiring girls everywhere!
Dave Barrett
As a father of a daughter, this is a book that needs to be published. I've pre-ordered 10 copies. I challenge the rest of you Nerdist folks sitting on credits to do the same and bring Sadie to life!
Billy O’Keefe
An actual positive book about the election, and so close to its goal. Help push it over this week.