After almost 10 years on the throne, Queen Victoria has plans, big plans that will put the ’Great’ back into ’Great Britain’ and the Sky Chief Corps is going to help make her new vision for Britain a reality.

Miranda Ebony only wants two things in life, to keep her airship The Duchess in the sky, and keep her family safe. But since the Sky Chief Corps was established as the military and administrative power in Britain, life for free airship Captains like Miranda is getting more difficult by the day.

And when the full extent of Victoria’s plans are discovered by a growing, underground anti-Corps movement, Miranda gets drawn into a revolution that could tear apart everything she cares about.


Rule Britannia is the first book in The Duchess Chronicles, and my first novel. It blends a little bit of steampunk with alt-historical fiction, drawing on real historical events and using real historical figures to root the story in the real world. If you love tales of the underdog fighting against a seemingly unbeatable foe, I hope you’ll like Rule Britannia.

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