Rogue is the story of Carson Farst, a young fighter pilot faced with a decision that will change not only her life, but the lives of billions in the Federation. After her ship crashes onto a planet long thought to have been destroyed, she discovers that her government has been lying to her, to everyone, for hundreds of years. Forced on the run because of her discoveries, Carson turns to the last person left she hopes will listen to her: her sister Skylar, a high ranking member of the rebellion.


Greetings Everyone! I’m Allison (or Ally, if you will) a scifi/fantasy writer (and current college student) who hopes of one day being published.

I came up with this idea a month or so ago, for a class, and have been working on it ever since (and subsequently have come up with numerous other story lines working within this world I’ve created). I was inspired by Star Wars and Star Trek, and various other science fiction works I’ve read or watched over the past few years, but I think my main influence is just how much I absolutely love anything and everything about space.

One of the reasons why this story is what it is, is because I wanted to write something that incorporated things that I love to read about: obviously science fiction, a strong female character, an entirely new world that is still somewhat recognizable, a lil bit of romance (but one that definitely doesn’t take over the plot because no one wants that), a pretty snazzy escape attempt, rad friendships, and parallels to things happening today. I was influenced a lot by a number of things I’ve seen in the newspapers as of late and while some of it won’t be so obvious, almost everything has been influenced by things happening within the past ten years. The story is still in the process of being written, but it will be done by the end of the contest.