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Get syndicated yo!

Thank you Break the Bechdel Syndicate! It is such an honor and truly a dream to have your mark of approval!

We are up to 532 orders with 50 days left! I have too many people counting on me now not to get to 750 so please send messages to your family and friends. I’m still doing prizes for folks with several referrals!  

If you’ve been waiting to order, or to order more, NOW is the time! And remember, if you choose the Super Reader Pack, your name goes in the back of the book! A real book that people will find in bookstores!

Thank you all!

THANK YOU, Inkshares Staff Syndicate!
The Inkshares Staff Syndicate selected Rock of Ages to support and now there’s a fancy badge on the book page and we’re up to 503 orders! I was so excited last night that I was running and jumping around the house! Thank you, thank you!!

53 days left and 247 orders to go. That’s 4.6 orders a day. We’re going to do this! Now is the time to join the list of Super Readers or supporters! 

425 orders! Amazing!

That means we have 325 to go with 62 days left. I’ve talked to almost everyone I know, so now I need your help. Please send your link to folks you know, in a Facebook message or email (not just posting or tweeting...make it as personalized as you can so folks know you are asking them specifically!). I’m going to be doing some special prizes for my top referrers (Think Amazon gift cards and other good stuff!). 

I’m meeting with someone from the Claremont Courier tomorrow and I just recorded with ABC Book Review Podcast so there will be some new press out soon.

We’re getting there! Thank you so much for your support!

We’re 345 orders in!

It’s Super Reader Appreciation Day! Did you know if you order 3 or more your name goes in the back of the book? If we get to 750, Rock of Ages will be marketed and distributed internationally and your name could be in it! You you could give copies to your friends and family, a book club, or use them as gifts.

I’m going to sweeten the deal even more today. Anyone who purchases the Super Reader Pack (3+ copies), I’ll write a short fiction piece about. You’ll get 100 words for each copy you purchase. You will be welcome to share this or just keep it for yourself. Your own short story, with you as the main character, by a soon-to-be-published novelist!

Of course single orders are welcome and appreciated too! Thank you!

Thank you so much to all of you and especially, today, to my Super Readers!

We’re up to 327 orders! 
6 of those are from today so that’s $6 so far I’ll be sending to Room to Read, an organization that supports literacy and gender equality in education. Please help me send more their way! I’ll be giving $1 for every order I get before midnight.

In other exciting news, I was featured on the website of the Bonner Foundation today! The Bonner Program "provides diverse, predominantly low-income students with an ’Access to Education and Opportunity to Serve.’ It was such an important part of my college experience and I’m so proud to still be a part of the Bonner community! Check it out here:


Please keep sharing the book with your friends and family! Thank you all for your amazin support so far!

Userphoto4 original Jeanne Walls · Reader · added about 1 month ago
In Rock of Ages Becca has captured the pull that native West Virginians feel toward their mountains and their land.  Her characters portray strong, emotional values of rural Appalachia.  Phil and I are looking forward to seeing her book published!
Userphoto8 original Emily Nudge · Reader · added about 1 month ago
Hooray! I asked my co-workers today to consider doing a pre-order, I hope at least one does so.  ;_)

We are officially over 250 orders! More than 1/3 of the way there! THANK YOU!

I was featured in a great article in The Record Delta today! https://therecorddelta.com/article/semi-autobiographical-rock-of-ages-digs-into-authors-buckhannon-roots

Please keep sharing! Personal messages work best-- I would be so grateful if you would send an email to 5 or 6 friends.

Thank you so much for your support!

Userphoto5 original Leeann carrow · Reader · added about 1 month ago
Becca, your writing is engaging and I already feel invested in your story! I can’t wait to read the book "cover to cover".  Unfortunately, I was unable to post in the  review section.

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