Becca Spence Dobias's latest update for On Home

Feb 1, 2021

January felt long, didn’t it? 

I hope you’re staying safe and healthy and that this new year is better than the last. I’ve been staying home and writing, working on making our landscaping more drought resistant, and attempting DIY home renovation projects with varying degrees of success.

I turned in a new draft of On Home to my editor in early January and am waiting for feedback. I am really hoping there are only minor notes on this one. I’m still hoping for a summer release! 

The Book of Great and Tiny Things won the Breaking the Bechdel syndicate’s January pick so I got a nifty badge on the book page and some more orders. Please check it out and give it a follow if you haven’t already! There is also an option to “nominate” it, which tells Inkshares you think it should be published, no pre-order necessary. 

I’ve been reading a ton this year and am on my ninth book already. Most of them have been by Appalachian women, which has been inspiring in many ways. I’ll be reviewing some for Southern Literary Review, including Call It Horses by Jesse Van Eerden, which is beautiful. What are you reading? How else are you keeping busy and staying relatively sane? I am sending love to all of you, and, as always, gratitude.