this book is not my best work. one problem is that the book uses two different robots. one on a server and one on my computer. the one on my computer is more gramatically correct but i cant type in the sentence its responding to beforehand. hello whats up sayyourownsentence works on the server and not the computer. I did previously like the pages i wrote for get a life. a book about bringing to life any image you can conjure up. If i get 10 followers on this book. ill send the previous books pages to those followers. however just like with my previous book, i do know when a project is hopelessly dead and maybe in my case rightfully so. the site actually has a lot of good work on here but for me getting caught in a sea of that just makes you feel how completely worthless my writing is. below are some spoilers.

we deal with the robot civil rights movement.

we deal with outlandish nativistish esque characters that are funny but also do have reasonable concerns.

nativism movement to prevent anyone but native citizens from entering a country. often to protect jobs.

robots in the future have taken all the jobs except politics and the creation of some computer robots.

we deal with the world reaching complete energy balance meaning energy cant move and thus the world becomes complete frozen. essentially its an impossible problem and its been said it would eventually destroy the universe and earth eons after global warming. this is accelerated a trillionth fold in this book and is happening in the 300th century.

ill check my email once a week and update the book by 3 pages per 1 follower to this book. i wont annoy you with send reader updates until ive gotten enough followers for 50 pages.