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Thank you for donating 10% of your profits to The Trevor Project. I love your writing and I can’t wait to read this book! 

Hey guys not sure if the link I sent earlier to view the press release is working so here it is just in case: https://www.prlog.org/12674198-critically-acclaimed-ya-novel-rise-on-track-for-crowd-funded-publishing-contract-with-inkshares.html  

Please help me spread the word I’ve decided to partner up again with The Trevor Project and will donate 10% of net profits to the national association for teen suicide prevention and awareness. I hope you all have a safe and amazing weekend. 

Hi guys just wanted to let you know that the press release announcing this project has been distributed to the AP and the 2nd edition of Rise has been officially announced to the world.  I’m super excited! I will also be donating 10% of net profits to the national suicide prevention & awareness organization, The Trevor Project. I’ve partnered up with them in the past and they are a great organization.  Please help make this project go viral for the cause by pre-ordering your copy of Rise today and share this link with your family, friends and network of contacts. To read the full press release please click here 

All, thank you for the support.  I’ve uploaded the first chapter of Rise for your reading pleasure.  Seeking honest feedback here - please let me know if this project is something that captures your interest and that you will consider backing if I decide to proceed with Inkshares.   
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Brian that is awesome news! Your hard work and efforts have paid off. I will preorder my copy just let me know when the price drop happens. Send me an email to info at globaltheorem.com so we can explore your options. I believe it’s mostly choosing the licensed art work that will be included in the trailer and narrowing down which couple of pages you want to include in the promo. 
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Thanks, Luis.  I appreciate the positive words.  Mechcraft is now in Inkshares’s hands for the copy edit, looking at a February release.  We’re about to put the book on sale, dropping from $9.99 to $6.99, starting today.
How much would a trailer like yours cost?
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Hi Brian.  Thanks for taking the time to check out Rise.  The 2nd ed. is ambitious but I really want to push myself as a writer and take the novel to that next level. My team took care of the trailer - when you are ready to publish just reach out to me and we’ll explore further. BTW I read your first chapter and wow! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it ... you’ve got something special here. I may just have to pre-order my own copy 8-)
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I really like the idea, and your 2nd edition sounds very ambitious.  I also love the trailer you added. Did you create it yourself, or hire someone?  The opening book concept is fantastic! I’d like to do something like this for a trailer for my novel, Mechcraft.
Best of luck on your campaign!