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RESURGENCE: The alternating POV story breathes the thrill and suspense of The Hunger Games and the mysterious gifts presented in Stranger Things.

In the year 2142, running for office doesn’t require billions of dollars, foreign hacks, and email scandals. A sword, supernatural ability, and knack for outsmarting your family’s promise to destroy you will do.

Easton Beck, son of the sitting President, has been training his whole life for this moment. To win control over earth’s twenty remaining countries and complete the promise he made to his mother before his father killed her. Continuing the rebellion she was leading is the least Easton can do to avenge her death. And he’s willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. Even if it means losing his twin bond forever. But never did Easton imagine that he would have to die, wake three years into the future, and flaunt a body that doesn’t belong to him to finally get his chance to taste revenge—competing in an Olympic-styled event that knows only death.

Returning from the dead with a secret opportunity to take the presidency from his father would be a dream come true for Easton, if he weren’t busy lying to a pastime crush or dodging a corrupt Adviser’s plot to kill him for the second time. Add a mysterious bond with a mixed-race, bed-wetting orphan with supernatural abilities, who Easton’s dead mother reveals is the key to the rebellion, and Easton must choose between his heart or his head, love or revenge, before everyone he holds close suffers the consequences.

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Planet Earth – 2142