I’m Joseph Nobles, a scheduler for a closed captioning company in the States. I got my bachelor’s from a Bible college and did some graduate work in theology before finding a better way of life in the theater. The desire for a stronger measure of security led me to this job about 10 years ago. It’s a living!

This book is something I’ve kicked around for quite a few years. It concerns separateness and community, tribalism and sustainability, guilt and expiation. At first it was just the Resilience and its approach to New Kepler. But projects and stories evolve. It will likely have a bittersweet ending - hope despite tragedy. But most of all, I want it to revolve around this idea - "Some see life as ultimately good and some see it as irredeemably evil. Both of these viewpoints are illusions."

This remains a work in progress. I will not be seeking funding or pre-orders any time soon, since there is no first draft of the book. I would prefer to wait until a second draft is complete before doing anything like that. But I welcome your company in the journey.