When I was thirteen I created a role-playing game that my friends and I played all through Highschool. So, as you can see, I am a special breed of geek. During a tough time for one of my old friends, I dusted off my old GM hat and we started gaming on Facebook to help cheer him up, and that process reignited the old "I wanna write a book" bug that had always festered in the back of my mind.

The characters of Rebirth have lived in my mind and had grand adventures there since my childhood, and now I’m loving bringing them to life for others to enjoy. Inspired by characters my friends played and all the fantasy stuff we love, I’m doing my best to give new readers a taste of all the fun we had sitting around and playing pretend.

Rebirth is the story of three war heroes who wake up from stasis to find that the world they come from has changed drastically. They desperately want to find out what happened, but keep stumbling onto other adventures, and find themselves questioning everything about themselves. Rebirth is a good old-fashioned quest story with characters I hope you’ll love as much as I do.

Fist is a massive blue behemoth that was built as a mindless killing machine. Indestructible and self-sustaining he has survived long enough to evolve far beyond that original purpose, and when he wakes up he finds himself longing to just fit in. To feel at home.

Shard is a man made of crystal that can change shape. He and Fist have served together for so long that they can practically read eachother’s minds. The emotionless Plution has always been fascinated by interactions involving emotion, and finds himself wanting to take that study to the next level. 

Bird was a proud warrior who chose to leave her home world and travel the stars. When she was injured to the point of death she underwent a process that mapped her mind into an android body,p so she could heal and serve at the same time. When she wakes, her android body is destroyed and its replacement is a far cry from what she had. No longer able to return to her biological home and trapped in a substandard android frame, she feels like a bad copy of her original self and wonders if she should even continue on.

Just as my games were, this story is inspired by what is going on around me in the real world. I am a father now, with three youn boys, and my world is different too. Each character undergoes a literal rebirth that takes them into a different chapter in ther life, all while having a good old fashioned quest through space.

I hope you’ll like this world, and my characters, as much as I do.