About writing ’Rebel Kingdom’:

I’ve recently moved from to Glasgow. I didn’t know how much it would rain, but apparently, it was enough for me to write a book. Mainly inspired by the history of the eastern European country "Romania", the book follows 1 country but 4 individual regions, at the end of a Continent, that fight the wrath of a tyrannous King. Now you would probably ask me why I chose to write this book? Well, every time I’ve read a book about rebellion or rebellious groups we always saw the rebels point of view but never the tyrants. And this was one of the reasons why I wanted to write Rebel Kingdom. I wanted to show that tyrants point of view throughout the story, trying to explain his mind and feelings. I wanted to play with the concept of the antagonist. Even though from the beginning, it’s pretty obvious who it is, I wanted my readers to find their own antagonist. The point of view changes constantly. Several characters have the opportunity to shine and tell the story. 

How you can help shape this draft:

Being the first book in a series, the storyline is flexible. I wanted to hear from readers who their favourite character was, who they identified with, which scene they didn’t like and so on and so forth.

I wanted to create a book for readers that made them think. Therefore predictability for me is a turning point. So that would also be one of the points to be kept in mind.

So please take your time and read the first chapter and let me know who you think is the "bad guy" in the story.