About the story:

The REB1RTH tale takes you through a twisted world where humanity is locked and apparently, undesired. After the ripple that enveloped the world, the virtual world known as Stratos became the new reality. With it, came the rules and the inhabitants of this world, leaving humans in a dire situation for survival. Trapped, the entirety of humanity, or at least, what remains of it, is left to survive in an unknown and very dangerous world, where guns and wits is their main defense line against what is to come.

Following the story of Steel Tempest and the other groups of Vanguards, the protectors of humanity, the book brings you through the danger-filled and mystical world of Stratos, as they fight for survival, a way to leave and in the meantime, a place to stay.

About the book’s origins:

Taking inspirations from TRON, Sword Art Online and more recently Log Horizon, the REB1RTH tale twists from the "Dimensional Trap" sub-genre and explores the problems related to the survival of the grand populace in an unfamiliar and hostile world.