Hi, folks. We just wanted to announce that, since Reapers: Book One is already available for purchase on Amazon (https://amzn.com/B00ZK8XZ5O), we are suspending the pre-order campaign for that book and entering a new Inkshares campaign for Book Two (The Hunger and the Sickness). Book Two has already been completed at over 340 pages and is now entering its final pass. This should line up nicely with the 90-day window on our Inkshares campaign.

We’ll be contacting those who’ve already pre-ordered Book One with the intent to give them free copies instead, in the hopes that those readers will use that money to pre-order Book Two (https://www.inkshares.com/books/reapers-book-two-the-hunger-and-the-sickness-b024e5). There is of course no obligation to do so, but we would of course be very appreciative!

Book Two is shaping up to be incredibly rich and epic. We’ve endeavored to make it as engrossing and imaginative as possible and labored intensively to make it really sing. You can find the entire first chapter (Stave 8, continuing from the end of Book One) as well as a Prologue on the pre-order page to judge the strength of the writing for yourself:


Thanks as always for the support and praise! It means so much to us.

Chris & Jay (The Thornton Brothers)