December 4th will be the release date for Reality Break. Unless I am tempted to publish it sooner. Waiting on Createspace right now.

Almost done with edits! Looking at a December release. 

All safe from hurricane Matthew. The storm went north of me. Going to continue to edit Reality Break once I get everything up and running again. Plus I have work late tonight and tomorrow. 

Might get hit by Hurricane Matthew on Thursday. I hope I don’t lose power for days/weeks.

Chapter two has been edited and locked in. I’m planning on adding a battle scene to the start of chapter three.

“Can you? This is such a heavy burden for one person to have. Can I help?”

I’ve finished editing the first chapter of Reality Break! 

I’ve added another 129 words to Reality Break. I might be losing my internet for a short period of time. Rent before net.

I’ve added 128 more words during the editing process.

Got three beta readers! Can’t wait for their feedback. 

Sending Reality Break off to the betas!